We believe

That mining can be a key driving force for sustainable and human development in Latin America and the Caribbean.


That to accomplish that, all those involved face diverse and complex challenges.


By building stories that show the path towards mining for development.

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M4D assists governments, companies, and other institutions, in achieving virtuous mining that:

  • Brings about development
  • Cares for the environment
  • Benefits the community
  • Contributes fair taxes

The challenges are numerous and complex. For that reason, M4D works with

  • Interdisciplinary methods
  • A case-specific focus
  • Realistic and practical approaches


M4D CONSULTING is a boutique consulting firm established in 2020,
born from the conviction, shared by several interdisciplinary professionals, that mining can be a key driving force for development in Latin America.
M4D’s mission is to optimize the mining industry’s contribution to the sustainable development of countries and communities in the region.

Our Team

The team of professionals at M4D CONSULTING has two DISTINGUISHING STRENGTHS:

an enriching combination of experience in both the private and public sectors. M4D members have trained and performed successfully
IN THE PRIVATE MINING SECTOR, achieving leadership roles in world-scale mining projects; and have held SENIOR POSITIONS IN GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.

MD4 MEMBERS’ EXPERTISE COVERS THE MAIN DISCIPLINES INVOLVED IN MINING, including aspects of public policy, regulatory frameworks, environmental and social impact, communication, community engagement, taxation, investment, and development, among others. This allows for an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach, which are essential factors if we wish to achieve good governance in this sector.




El equipo de profesionales que conforme M4D Consulting cuenta con dos fortalezas diferenciales:

En primer lugar, una combinación muy enriquecedora de experiencia tanto en sector privado como en sector público. Se han formado y desempeñado con éxito en el sector privado minero, alcanzando roles de liderazgo en relación con proyectos mineros de escala mundial; y luego han ocupado cargos de alto nivel en gobierno y/o instituciones internacionales.

En segundo lugar, juntos abarcan todas las diversas y principales disciplinas que hacen a la minería, incluyendo aspectos de política pública, marcos regulatorios, impacto medioambiental y social, participación comunitaria, tributación, inversiones y desarrollos, y comunicación, entre otras. Esto permite un abordaje interdisciplinario e integral, hoy indispensable para lograr una buena gobernanza en este sector.

Before forming part of M4D CONSULTING, team members worked together on several projects. Guaranteeing dynamic and agile operations.

Santiago J. Dondo

Mining and Governance

Santiago J. Dondo has specialized in the mining industry, focusing on governance and public policy issues. He has been working in this industry since 2003, in both the public and private sector, achieving prominent roles in initiatives and multilateral organizations.

Since 2005, Santiago has had roles as Undersecretary of Mining to the National Government of Argentina, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, based in Oslo), he has also led consulting projects for IADB, World Bank, OAS, and EITI´s International Secretariat. Through M4D, he provides strategic consulting services to Latin America and CONNEX, a G7 initiative which is administered by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Before that, he worked for 10 years as a lawyer specialized in mining for top firms in Argentina and the United States, advising international companies throughout the entire process of their mining projects.

As an Australian Government Scholar, he completed a Masters Degree focused on mining and public policy from the University of Queensland, home of the Sustainable Minerals Institute. He is a teacher at a postgraduate level, gives lectures and conferences, and has published specialized articles.

Jimena Psathakis

Dialogue and Conflict Resolution Processes

Jimena Psathakis specializes in preventing and addressing social conflicts, and in the design and implementation of dialogue and public consultation processes.

Since 2005, she has worked organizing and leading dialogue processes in the social, private and public sectors on sustainability issues – mining, hydrocarbons, renewable energies, climate change, territorial planning – governance, political dialogue, public-private dialogue, human rights and indigenous peoples’ rights.

She was the President of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs of the Argentine Nation, between 2017 and 2019.

Between 2015 and 2017 she was the National Director of Rights Protection and Conflict Resolution for the National Ministry of Justice.

Previously, she was a consultant and leader in NGOs and advised the Carter Center’s representation in Latin America and the UNDP’s Democratic Dialogue Project Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jimena has a degree in Political Science, and is completing a Masters Degree in Social Innovation and Solidarity Economy at the University of Salamanca.

Carlos Albar Díaz

Investments and Mining Development

Carlos has worked in the mining industry since 1997, evaluating investments and businesses as a commercial or infrastructure manager for world-class mining companies and projects. He has participated in projects in South America, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe.

Carlos worked at Rio Tinto Mining, based in London, San Pablo, Los Angeles, Denver and Buenos Aires for 12 years. He worked in project evaluation for the group and then became the general manager of business analysis for the Rio Tinto Minerals division, general manager of Borax South America, commercial director of US Borax, and general manager of the logistics projects associated with the Potasio Rio Colorado project.

Additionally, he worked for consulting firms such as Partners in Performance and Bain & Company, on mining projects and operations.

In the public sector, he served as the National Director of Infrastructure and Value Chain at the National Mining Secretariat.

Carlos is a civil engineer, he specializes in the development and financing of renewable energy projects and obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of Berkeley, California.

Florencia Mazzinghi

Communication, Sustainability & Mining

Florencia Mazzinghi has a background in Communications and specializes in mining. She has experience in institutional affairs, governance, corporate image, internal communication, corporate social responsibility, in both the public and private sector.

Since 2015, Florencia has coordinated the Communications team of Argentina’s National Mining Secretary and is a consultant to the extractives unit of the World Bank for Investment Review and Mining Governance projects in the mining sectors of Peru and Argentina.

Previously, she worked the mining company Xstrata (then Glencore) for 10 years, in the public affairs and communications sector, in the Alumbrera Mining project.

Carolina Del Valle

Environmental Management in Mining

Carolina del Valle is an expert in environmental issues related to mining activities. Since 2002 she has led interdisciplinary teams, with a comprehensive technical approach based on international best practices, from the public and private sector.

From 2016 to 2020, she conducted the Argentine National Direction of Sustainable Mining Production.

She is currently an expert advisor who provides consulting services in cooperation projects, led by international organizations such as IABD and CONNEX – GIZ.

Formerly, she was the chief of environmental projects and theme coordinator at AECOM International for 12 years, where she led environmental consulting services for big mining projects. She was also involved in Environmental Baseline Studies prepared by the World Bank between 1997 and 2001.

She is a Geologist and has a Masters Degree in Applied Hydrology. She has taught at the Graduate and Postgraduate level and has experience in research. She is author and coauthor of many technical publications.

Andrés M. Edelstein

Mining and Tax Policy

Andrés M. Edelstein is a Public Accountant and has been working in tax issues since 1990, with a focus on Latin America. He has vast experience in the mining sector. He has held senior public office and was a partner at PwC.

Andres was the Secretary of Public Revenues at the National Ministry of Finance between 2017 and 2019. In that role, he led the formulation of comprehensive and deep tax reforms.

Formerly, he worked for almost 30 years in at PwC, both in Latin America and the United States, achieving the position of partner in charge of International Taxes, with special focus on the energy and mining sectors.

He was a member of the Latin America Business Center at PwC New York and has had prominent roles advising on mergers and acquisitions, as well as financing and tax disputes related to large-scale mining projects.

Andres graduated as a Public Accountant, and then specialized in Corporate Finances. He also has an MBA from Northwestern University (US). He has co-authored books and is a frequent columnist in specialized international journals (International Tax Review, Tax Notes International). He is a member of the International Fiscal Association and the Advisory Council of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues.


Since its creation in 2020, M4D Consulting has been working on mining governance projects for various multilateral agencies, in several countries in the region, such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador y Panamá. For confidentiality reasons, further details of these services cannot be disclosed.

Since its creation in 2020, M4D Consulting has been working on mining governance projects for various multilateral agencies, in several countries in the region, such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador y Panamá. For confidentiality reasons, further details of these services cannot be disclosed.

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